Montessori “Who”

           Italy’s first female doctor, Maria Montessori struggled from childhood through her adult years with her family and government. She insisted that she “a woman” could not only be educated, but become a medical doctor as well.

           After a surgical practice, the Italian government assigned Dr. Montessori to care for the children in Rome’s asylums and slums. As she observed these children, she noted that they absorbed the culture around them. She also noticed that the children went through “sensitive periods” - times when the child could learn a particular activity more easily. Dr. Montessori discovered that education is not something that a teacher does to a child, but rather a natural process which develops spontaneously in human beings. It is acquired by experiences, not by listening to words. The teacher’s task is not to talk, but to prepare and maintain an environment that invites and excites the child through hands-on involvement.

Montessori “What”

           The methods and materials Dr. Montessori developed are still used daily in classrooms from the U.S.A. to Africa. Children marvel at the spindle box as they learn counting a quantity. They’re excited at the feel of sand-paper letters and numbers. Their eyes light up when they carry the red rods and arrange them from long to short, then onto blue and red rods where they can actually see “1,2,3, etc.” As they learn about their world young minds are amazed by the solar system, the continents, countries, and habitats.

           Maria Montessori said, “Follow the child, and they will show you the way.” Today, because of her accomplishments, her face is pictured on Italian currency as the first female physician. The Montessori teaching method can be found worldwide. Because of Dr. Montessori we now have a better understanding of the miraculous young mind and can better help young children by allowing them to learn using their abilities.

Dr. Maria Montessori

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“Look to the child for they will show you.”


“I have studied the child. I have taken what the child have given me and expressed it, and that is what is called ‘the Montessori Method.’


“Enable the child to unfold; creating the person they were meant to be.”


The educative process is based on this: That the control of error lies in the material itself, and the child has concrete evidence of it.”


“The desire of the child to attain an end which he knows, leads him to correct himself. It is not a teacher who makes him notice his mistake and shows him how to correct it, but it is a complex work of the child’s own intelligence which leads to such a result.”


The liberty of the child should have as its limits the collective interest.”


                                                                  - Maria Montessori,

Italy’s first female physician