The classroom at

Roots & Wings Kid’s House

The classroom at

Roots & Wings


Activities in:


     * Practical Life

     * Sensorial

     * Mathematics

     * Language

     * Culture


















* Offers activities in Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Culture.

* Is designed to further the “self-creating” process of the child.

* Allows children to work both individually and with classmates.

* Has individual and group lessons, story-telling, music, and movement within the daily routine.

* Includes outdoor time for exploring nature and gardening.

* Offers recess which promotes gross motor-skills, social behavior, and independence.

* Teaches nutrition, health, table manners, and self-care.




“Montessori helped with my child doing 360 degree in her behavioral issues. With our home rules and structure and Montessori we saw a difference in just a month. 10 months later she is a different girl. She has manners, is sweet, and shares. Let me tell you there is a difference!


                                                                  - Roots & Wings Montessori parent

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Montessori Kid’s House


A Montessori preschool classroom is a “prepared environment.” The prepared environment is Dr. Maria Montessori’s concept that the environment can be designed to facilitate maximum  independent learning and exploration by the child.


The space is divided into areas. These areas represent the parts of the curriculum. No subject is taught in isolation. The Montessori preschool curriculum is interdisciplinary and interactive.


It is interesting to note that in 2007, Dr. Maria Montessori’s method and materials celebrated 100 years of teaching curriculum

Roots & Wings Montessori Kid’s House

Roots & Wings

Montessori Kid’s House


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