“Our daughter loves the Kid’s House—every morning she asks, “Can I go to Ms. B’s today?”  We are so pleased that the Kid’s House does exactly what a Montessori Preschool should—the teacher is there to guide students, but they learn best by doing themselves.  Thank you Ms. B for instilling so many great traits into these kids each day! “

                                                                  - Roots & Wings Montessori parent

Practical Life

What? Why? How?

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     * Practical Life

     * Sensorial

     * Mathematics

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Montessori Kid’s House

Observing children, Maria Montessori saw how a child’s play paralleled an adult’s work. She noted an adult completes an activity — once doing it in the fastest and most efficient way with concern for the outcome. Children, she observed often do activities over and over, taking no shortcuts; showing interest in the process as well as in acquiring a skill but with less interest in the outcome.


The practical life area allows the child to do daily living activities. The basic categories are: manipulative skills (pouring, opening containers, scooping, carrying), self-development (grace, courtesy, personal care), care of environment—work that young children see but are not always invited to join in. Activities are designed to give the child real-life experiences in child-sized ways. This area helps the child develop hand-eye coordination and concentration as well as useful skills. (Pouring and water work is always a favorite.)