“We couldn’t believe that our 4-year-old was reciting the planets (in order) at supper!  Our boys can pronounce the names of the dinosaurs better than we can!”

                                                                  - Roots & Wings Montessori parent


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Montessori Kid’s House

It is through the senses that a child explores the world. A world of color, size, dimension, shape, form, sound, touch, taste, and smell. A child whose senses have been educated is able to be a better observer. Therefore, expanding their capacity for gaining knowledge. All knowledge is on observation in some form which requires the acute use of the senses.


The Montessori Method does not hand out answers about the world to children, but enables the children to discover the answers for themselves. The purpose of the Sensorial materials is to help the child put their sensorial impression into order. Through sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell the materials enable the children to clarify, classify, and comprehend their world.


An example: The cylinder blocks, the tower, and the brood star blocks are all visual discriminations of dimension as well as being indirect preparation for math. The sensorial materials appeal to the child’s active sensory antennae and make learning a natural result of the child’s desire to explore.