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Montessori Kid’s House

The Montessori mathematics materials give the child tangible experiences with quantities, symbols concepts, and mathematical processes. Materials start with tasks that provide experiences with concrete objects and progress to more abstract concepts. As the children practice, they become very familiar with rods, spindles, cards, beads, and counters then they can easily move into abstraction when their minds are mature enough for that step.


For example, the number rods first teach the child long to short as they put the reel rods in order. Then the blue and red rods give the child an impression of each number as a whole itself, not just a combination of ones. The child can count 1-2-3-4-5 on the red and blue rods but also see it has an entity 5. The same rods give the child their first exposure to addition by comparing and combining then to form 10.


There are those who think math is too difficult for young children. Dr. Montessori noted since the beginning of time children have been grasping language which is very abstract. The difference between math and language is that the child is surrounded by language.


Montessori math materials, like other Montessori materials, follow a sequence and build on each other, increasing in complexity. This allows the child to experience the thrill of discovery as part of a natural progression.

“I am a mother of 4. 2 have graduated from Roots & Wings, 1 is currently enrolled and the 4th will go when he is 2. It’s a very nurturing, as well as  educational environment. I wouldn’t send them anywhere else.


My 2 older children caught onto reading right away. I give the credit to Roots & Wings. Learning is work and they love the work.”


                                                                  - Roots & Wings Montessori parent